Yukiki is a canon character from the Keroro Gunso/Sgt. Frog series and Keroro Land magazine. He is currently played by BechnoKid.

Information From the SeriesEdit

Yukiki is a Keronian made completely out of snow and is a member of the Shurara Corps, a group of assassins sent to study and eliminate the Keroro Platoon.

Yukiki makes his debut in episode 202 when sent by Shurara, frustrated about his subordinates' previous failures. He makes the platoon vulnerable by engulfing the Hinata household in snow, almost shutting down the platoon's base (according to Keroro). He first appears disguised a snowman until he strikes the platoon summoning the arctic winds to freeze anything, including Giroro's gun, rendering it useless. After Keroro taunts Yukiki for a while, Yukiki becomes enraged and begins to fight the platoon using....traditional Japanese New Year's items.

Keroro, Giroro, and Tamama stand completely dumbfounded by the ridiculous sight, causing Keroro and Tamama to guffaw on the snowy yard. After going through several items (a traditional Japanese badminton racket, a children's dice game, a kotatsu with a bowl of tangerines, etc.), Yukiki uses his final weapon: New Year's money, which succeeds in causing Keroro to throw away all logic and focus only on obtaining the money, giving Yukiki a chance to steal the Keron Star from the sergeant. Yukiki almost succeeds until Kururu brings out a gun called "The Sun on My Palms", which soon launches an overwhelming ray of sunlight that melts Yukiki (and obliterates Tamama and Keroro as well). Though reduced to a puddle, Yukiki snickers knowing that he succeed in his real goal: to make Keroro remember the New Year's postcard that he received from Shurara which leads into a chain of events in that Keroro will face Shurara.

His fate is unknown after Shurara's fate.

Background According to His Current PlayerEdit

Because of Yukiki's mysterious powers and the fact that his body is made completely of snow, it is unknown of how he came into existence. It can be assumed that he was an experiment for the Keron army like Giruru and Dokuku; he might have been brought to life in a similar way as Nuii; his spirit might have possessed a snowman. But this facts remain void since Yukiki has no recollection of a past life and has assumed he was 'born' this way.