One of the Roleplayers in the KG-RP. Known simply as Zerokmi, Zemama, Zemum, or simply Okmi within the Roleplay group.

About this person:

Wolena is a lowly, wolf obsessed girl who spends most of her free time in the chat room in the KG-RP. She has very few original characters, most of them being based off her friends and her favorite, Okmimi, being based on herself. She likes to call herself "Lindsay the Wolf" as you can already tell by her youtube user name. Wolena doesn't talk much, but when she does, she can tell that she's annoying someone even if she doesn't mean to (and she doesn't mean to). Despite the fact that she knows her fellow KG-roleplayers don't like her very much, she enjoys rping and hopes to be less annoying to her fellow Roleplayers in the future.

Random Thoughts: Sometimes she will think up a random thought and tell everyone in the chat about it. 49% of the time, this random thought of hers will become something due to her fellow roleplayers imagining it and adding to it. One example is The KG-RP/ Hercules crossover when Wolena said she imagined Nagogo in a dress sing the part of the muses when listening "I won't say I'm in love". Someone said they imagined Uchichi in Meg's voice and BAM. Since then, Wolena will often try to repeat that by sharing other random thoughts with her fellow roleplayers, but she fails 51% of the time.

Fandoms: Kirby, Keroro Gunso, Ginga, Inuyasha, Pokemon, Disney, Tim Burton.

In the begining, Wolena saw the KG-RP club and wanted to join it, but all of her favorite charaters were taken. She found a Kirby-RP club and joined it as Blade Knight, but soon, the Kirby-RP club died. She was bored and had nothing to do, so she watched episode 109 of Keroro Gunso to see Dororo's mom. After watching the scene were Dororo's mother cut open the robots with a frying pan, Wolena fell in love with the character. At dinner that night, she laughed to herself and thought about how funny it would be if she were Zeromama. Then it hit her, mabye she could join the KG-RP club as Zeromama. It took her a while to get the part, for Zeromama had such little dialog, Wolena had to make up an rp sample for the application. After two or three weeks, she got the part and was thrilled to be a part of the club. For a long period of time after joining (3 months) Wolena had no idea of the chatroom. The rper for Keroro finally pointed it out to her when she wrote a journal about feeling lonely and unincluded. She made friends with the Rpers in the room and now spends most of her spare time in the chat.  


Zeromama, Okmimi, Chilili

Original characters not in KG-RP:

Kakiki, Yuriri, Ikmomo, Inunu, Jarara , Kinene.