Otherwise known as Mustard or just Chargon. He is not a regular on the chatrooms anymore, but still shows up every day to check messages and start/continue comment-roleplays. He can't keep up a conversation very long and gets self-conscious when he makes a mistake, but he generally is and tries to be a nice and friendly person.

His interests change often, but Keroro Gunso is a relatively consistant interest. He loves making/designing characters and plots, but is an okay fiction writer at best. He loves drawing and tends to create a lot of doodles. Any creative ideas larger than simple pictures tend to get killed by lack of motivation.

When it comes to creating characters, he can be very creative and often looks for the most original things he can find, specifically avoiding common traits for the sake of uniqueness. He is constantly searching for an interesting new "theme" to get away from the more common themes like Ninjas, Pirates, and Hackers/Geniuses/Inventors

Current RP Characters:

Acting Corporal Dijiji, Assassin Girara, Seawitch Vapapa, Master Thief Sheydada, Plasma Dekiki, Yayoi Shimotsuki

All Characters Designed on KGRP:

Acting Corporal Dijiji, Ruffian Kansusu, Assassin Girara, Seawitch Vapapa, Plasma Dekiki, One Armed Girly Lilyly, Bounty Hunter Kudada, Master Thief Sheydada

( note that characters designed by Chargon are not necessarily owned or roleplayed by Chargon, in the cases of Girara and Kudada respectively )