is a "pekoponjin"(or, in a other words, a person) that best known for his 'quiet' personality. His birthday is on March 22, and secretly aspires to be a famous pianist. He currently knows nothing of the keronian's presence.


Vincent is commonly found lurking about, usually in the corner of the classroom, or, when not at school, where ever people usually don't hang around. While one would assume that he's antisocial, it's really the fact that he's afraid of having any form of communication with people, due to many bad experiences of trying years ago, and the little known fact that he was born mute.

Vincent commonly uses a notepad to 'talk' with others, when the chance does arise, by writing down what he wants to say and showing it to the person of choice. He often underlines things that he wants to express, or put a point across to the receiver.

When found without a notepad, Vincent tries to use gestures in attempt to put his point across. This is usually rare to see though, as he carries he notepad around like it's a 'part' of him; usually, it's when the pencil breaks and he can't seem to put his hands on a sharpener.

Events, info, etc...Edit

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Trivia and tropesEdit

-The name Vincent was slightly brought on by an old character by the same name; this character though wasn't human, but rather, an okapi.

-Vincent happen to have red eyes due to preference, but also the scraped idea of him being albino.

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Vincent is roleplayed by Rubin.