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Vapapa. That magical flash on her fingertip means something is about to go horribly wrong...

Vapapa ( XZ90 バパパ ) is a member of the Devil Fish Tribe who was made by Warp-Chargon. She is a mute and is very shy because of it. She aspires to be a sorceress one day. Vapapa is a potions genius, but a spell-casting-screw-up. Almost every spell attempt backfires, usually with a sharp discharge that blows up in her face


Vapapa has soft, squishy, jet-black skin with tiny photophores from head to toe. Every photophore except the larger ones on the tips of her tentacles are defective and do not function. She has 12 webbed tentacles (4 more than she should have), 3 on each arm and 3 on each side of her head. She has organs similar to an Octopus's ink sac, but instead of ink Vapapa produces a glowing mucus (which apparently is a major ingredient in her potions. Do not ingest the potions)


Vapapa is mute, she was born without a voice. Instead, she tries to communicate through actions and writing, although her handwriting is barely legible. It's easy to see her emotions, her tentacles glow different colours depending on her mood (or not at all if she's in a neutral mood). When she needs to she can talk telepathically, but she is extremely uncomfortable with how it feels and the idea of two minds openly exchanging information


Vapapa is a potion brewer. She creates fluids, powders and gases that can do things science won't allow. She's very talented and the kinds potions she can make is not limited by the recipes in her spellbook. Vapapa has created many original potion recipes of her own, although its nearly impossible to read the recipes because of her handwriting


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