An Axolotl woman who enjoys the company of many men and yaoi doujinshi, but not so much that of her husband, Norere.
My ID by HouseWifeUchichi

Uchichi as she appears in her DeviantART ID

Uchichi is a purple skinned and pink eyed Axolotl, a species similar to Keronians. She has four large gills, two on each side of her head, as well as a long notched tail, shaped similarly to a heart. She wears a light blue, cat-eared cap. She is also sometimes seen in an apron and head-handkerchief. Her symbol is a pink heart with an arrow though it.


She is often seen as rash, short-tempered and sometimes even violent, this image very much making her out to be a psycho. However, like any good Tsundere, she has a very sensitive and loving side. Despite her hardened exterior, she is rather thin-skinned, especially in the department of love and family. Norere tends to not like this side of her, much preferring having the snot beat out of him when he returns from his job, thus putting a good amount of strain on their relationship. Ironically, as a result of Norere's infidelity, Uchichi has become just as bad as him, using her good looks and unsatisfied needs to draw in quite a harem of men. She has even gone so far as to have relations with Norere's closest friend and lover, Gijiji. While she has been attempting to stop, Uchichi can't seem to kick the habit.

Uchichi is currently owned by IrkenSnax. She was her second account in the group. However, she is only a co-creator. Credit must also be given to NightmareKitty, IrkenSnax's best friend.