Tanjuju is a member of the Devil Fish tribe as an ace gunman. He is half Keronian and half pistol shrimp.


Background Edit

Once a street gangster, he was eventually arrested and sent to prison. The prison's managers were contacted by an unspecified laboratory belonging to Keron's government, requesting test subjects and offering a very large sum of money. Tanjuju was selected, and promptly sent to the laboratory. There, scientists performed cruel experiments on him, splicing his DNA with that of a pistol shrimp and giving him the creature's ability to create powerful shockwaves; however, this required transforming his entire arm into a massive crustaceon-like claw. Other experiments severely disfigured half of his face and left several scars on his body, the most prominent on his torso. Finally, one day he forced his way out of his containment unit and escaped from the lab, leaving behind quite the trail of violence. Eventually he was found by the Devil Fish tribe and taken onboard their vessel, the Devil's Wrath. The disfigured side of his face was hidden by bandages from that day onwards, the only one to see it being Kanini, the ship's nurse.


Tanjuju without bandana or bandages

Personality Edit

He's quite brash and rude, and speaks with a nasally Brooklyn accent. He also thoroughly enjoys drinking, practicing shots with his claw, and of course flirting with women (although they often become disgusted by his appearance and behavior and leave). When asked about his past, he becomes confrontational, sometimes to the point of being borderline violent. However, despite his outwardly brutish behavior, he loathes the fact his normality was ripped away from him and exchanged for his deformities that make him moreso undesired than when he was simply a gang member.

Other Facts Edit

-His name comes from the Japanese word "tanjuu", which means pistol. His creator thought it more appropriate to give him a name that encompasses him in both parts of his life, before and after the experiments.

-His abilities are: an armored claw that can withstand even bullet fire; his claw is able to shoot off powerful sonic pulses, that either create high-frequency sounds, blows back a target, or even puts a hole through something as thick as a body; his own body can withstand high pressure, such as that of deeper levels of the ocean; and can see very well in the dark.

-Kanini is the only crew member he truly trusts, despite the fact he sometimes hangs around the others.

-His least favorite food is canned tuna.

-His serial number is CY37. The 37 is tattooed on his back, across his shoulderblades, in Roman numerals: XXXVII.

-He is 35 years old.

-He is secretly fond of jazz music, and can sing quite decently to it.