Sakurara is a young Keron, (13-ish in human years) she is a light green/sage color and has LARGE PINK DESU SPARKLE SPARKLE EYES >:c. Her hat is a light pink with a small darker pink flower sign on it (This sign is also on her stomach). She usually has pigtails in her dark brown hair, she also has bangs. The little tadpole tail on her butt is in the shape of a flower. Most people just call her 'Saku' for short cause 'Sakurara' is actually pretty darn hard to say.. Personality wise, Saku is very timid and shy, This causes her to studder a lot. "Miiiiiiiiii~" Is her trademark sound.. It kinda sounds like a crying kitten, though she can change it to sound happy, etc. Uh.. Her past is kinda sad. Okay, okay. Really sad, I'm sorry. ;__; Her mother died when she was 12..ish.. and her only parent was an abusive father. Saku ran away to Pekopon a short while later~

(WHY WAS THIS ALL ONE PARAGRAPH? Heehee, so there ya go. Sorry for spelling mistakes and such~ *Fleeee* )