A Insane Inventor with some Insane issues.

Description: Rikiki is a female neon green Keronian tadpole. Her left arm is robotic, after having lost it in an accident. This new robotic arm has six claw-like finger on it. Her hat is of a purple color, and it is sort-of box shaped. The hat flaps end in metal tips, each with a hole in the metal. She wears glasses, the left lens is see-through, but the right lens has a target-like system on it. Her eyes are purple. She also has black markings on her skin on her right arm, one stripe of black on her right leg, and two stripes on her left. She also has one lightning bolt shaped stripe running through her tail. A constant, shark-toothed smile gives her a crazy look.

Personality: Rikiki is legally insane, and a child genius. Combined, these two traits can cause... some interesting events. Along with Rikiki's insanity, she also has an extreme case of pica, AKA, A disorder that causes her to see everything as a food item. She will eat anything from dry wall to radios to other Keronians, and is in fact, a self proclaimed cannibal. Though, she does try not to eat her friends. They entertain her too much to be wasted as food. She's also quite lazy, yet despite her laziness, she does not sleep that much. In fact, she sometimes goes weeks without any sleep at all.

Creator: Rikiki was created by Akatsuki-Mars. AKA, Rikuru.

-MORE WILL BE ADDED when Rikuru stops failing-