Schoolpuddle by Corporal Giroro

A picture by NativeAmericanGirl depicting all (or if not, most) of the puddlebabies.

What happens when Kagege and Giruru don't practice save sex.

There are many puddlebabies (and if Giruru doesn't use birth control soon, there's bound to be more).

  • Gigege
  • Gikaka
  • Namimi
  • Squii
  • Kakuku
  • Yamimi
  • Giguhguh
  • Pokoko

The puddlebabies began as OOC randomness but gradually became KG-RP canon over time. Some have even gotten their own accounts, ascending them from mere Non-Account Characters. Despite Giruru's overprotectiveness toward the puddlebabies, Nagogo still attempts to persuade him to let him "babysit" the puddlebabies in exchange for pay, although he assumes pay is both in gold coins and an entire feast of gelatinous children.

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