A Keronian teenager rebel against the Keron Army, and powerful enough to take it down.

Appearance: A light-blue skinned Keronian, constantly with a devilish grin on his face. He has red hair, almost always spiked, with his symbol being a blue lightning bolt with a star in the middle.

Personality:  A twisted Keronian with a hilarious sense of humor, he's either playing pranks or kicking ass. He has a softer side for the ladies, almost always having his way with them. During battle, he will become an evil demon ready to dish out the worst type of death available at the time, once having killed a man by turning his entire skin inside out and throwing him in a pile of salt.

Backstory: Picassa was raised as a Prince, living in a kingdom before Keron was fully established, which established their want for land. But, slowly Keron Army would begin taking their people, burning their houses. Keron Army eventually got to the castle Picassa was raised in, and he was forced to witness the own rape and killing of his mother, and the hanging of his father. Breaking free, he vowed revenge against Keron Army, and began his lust for power. At the age of thirteen, he became one of the strongest beings in the universe, and steps up to take his land and place of king away from Keron Army.

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