Appearence: Oliver is a 20 year old Pekoponjin/Human who would rather just sit and laze then do anything. He normally wears a navy blue shirt and black jeans all covered up by his usual brown Trenchcoat. He wears a Nurse's hat as well, he's a male nurse, but he'd rather just wear the hat then the whole uniform. He also tricked Keroro into trading him a worthless Gunpla model for Laser wings

Personality: He's the sort of guy to not take action until he's forced to, with the rare exception of him actually doing it without him having to. He normally enjoys bothering strangers on Bus stops, like Hazuki, He took an interest in her for now. He has an unnatural attraction to Syringes as that's what he uses for his career
Likes: Syringes, Bus stops, Tea, Italian foods, Most sweets
Dislikes: Being called 'pretty fairy boy', losing his hat, being outside his trenchcoat,
Creator:  JimmySempai made this guy too, he sure makes a lot right?