Within the KGRP-DA Chatroom, there are usually two sorts of conversations going on; the Roleplay and the OOC Chat. OOC stands for 'Out Of Character' and is defined by each OOC post starting and ending with either two parenthesis or a bracket. Roleplay posts are written without these of course, because it is deemed that any posts without OOC markers are said directly by the character and are, therefore, canon. Sometimes, on slow days, there is no Roleplay at all and all posts are OOC. Other times, mini non-canon Roleplays start in the form of OOC Chat, then proceed to 'break out' by dropping the parenthesis and becoming a canon story.


  • Roleplay post:
    <PersonMcCharacterface> *takes a sip of coffee* Ew, this tastes like mud!
    <BobBobberson> That's because it IS mud! *shit-eating grin*
  • OOC post:
    <BobBobberson> ((*eats Characterface's cat* There, all better.))

Separation Edit

Over time as the members came to know each other more personally, OOC talk became more and more frequent in the main roleplaying room. In order to avoid breaking any deeply involved conversations, or avoid conversations breaking any serious roleplaying going on, the chat room was separated into two, one for OOC chatting and/or non-canon roleplaying, and the other for strict IC canon roleplaying.

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