A member of the KG-RP group. Known as Onigiro in the group.

The Onigiro:

Her main account is no longer NativeAmericanGirl, but is PandorasBoxofDoom.

The Name Onigiro:

How did Onigiro get the nickname Onigiro? Simple, she used to be both Oni Gunso & Giroro.

Oni Gunso + Giroro = Onigiro

Reeses Ice Cream

Example of Onigiro's reeses photo

Something about Reeses:

During the Reeses meme in the group. Onigiro gotten an idea from another memeber then the whole Reeses photo with a paper child Kururu and bunch of reeses was born. The entire OniGunso's scrap gallery is dedicated just to Reeses.

Characters that Onigiro currently RP:

Assassin Tarara, Assassin Renana

Characters that Onigiro used to RP as:

Demon Sergeant, Yas Tipuhi, Ex-Assassin Kushishi, Chef Panana, Snowman Yukiki, Natsumi Hinata

Characters that Onigiro made:

Yas Tipuhi, Puddlebaby Gikaka, Panana, Renana and Kushishi. Also made the design for Tarara.