A rather curious and friendly ghost.


He is a black-bodied ghost with strange orange eyes and a white face. His mouth is almost always closed, and when it is open, it shows a mouthful of fangs. The tips of his legs and arms are white, as is his earflaps on his hat. He also has a ring of orange fluff around his neck. His symbol is a silver diamond shape, the inside cut vertically into two.


Mokumoku is a rather curious being, since he was isolated in the frozen parts of Russia for around three centuries, or 300 years. He likes to ask questions about all kinds of things, especially how everything is back in Keron, his home planet. Recently, he was also to be discovered as somewhat of a pervert, but doesn't really show it much. Also somewhat mischievous, quiet, polite, and tries not to get involved in other peoples' problems (He does so anyway).


Gathering information, anything comfort food - which is the only kind of food he can taste -, any person who is kind enough not to run away from him, etc.


He absolutely hates to be poked, even if they only do it out of curiosity (At first he will only stare at you, but keep on doing it and he'll go into a fit of rage), strongly dislikes it when anyone is rude to him if he didn't do anything against them, etc.


His creator is Numa-Numa-Shadow.