Basic InformationEdit

Name: Malvoria Beacuse Abernethy

Age: 25

Species: Pekoponian

Occupation: Scientist (considers herself a witch)

Likes: Science/magic(considers them the same thing, essentially), experiments, her lab, space to think, acid

Dislikes: People interrupting her experiments, having her ideas rejected (she doesn't mind herself being called crazy, but she doesn't see the connection between this and the problems with her ideas... And as such, she doesn't think her mental state should reflect on her ideas.)

Family: Older sister- Gratia Thunsera

Mother: Lilina Flin-Abernethy

Father: Agreen Abernethy

Appearance: Muddy brown eyes, but she wears colored contacts that are supposed to be bright green. However, they only manage to make her eyes a swampy shade of green. She has long blond hair, worn in a braid down her back, and is usually seen wearing a black labcoat. Outside of that, there is nothing special about her attire.


Early LifeEdit

Malvoria's early years were not precisely ordinary. She was heavily exposed to ancient ideas from her archeologist parents, who often traveled and left both children alone with detailed historic texts that they quickly became accustomed to picking their way through. For her, this meant a strange, somewhat archaic view of the world as a whole. She had not yet developed many solid thoughts pertaining to the condition of things, and so her opinions were easily colored. She went through most of elementary school believing in pure magic, to the point that she attempted frightening feats of genuine witchcraft. Of course, none of this led anywhere, and while some of the intended results would have been dangerous, she truly did not understand what she had been doing at this time. Her parents did not take much note of this, beyond telling her that she should not change herself simply to find more friends in school. They saw this as a simple phase, and they actually like a particular element of it... Her growing interest in science and how the world actually worked. However, her sister was able to observe the more negative possibilites that this behavior could result in, and took to monitoring her closely.

Random FactsEdit

  • Malvoria's first name is... Well, in all honesty, partially the result of a typo, which was decided to sound better than the intended name "Malvolia" (an Italian name meaning "bad will"). Her middle name comes entirely from a typo made by Rikuru that sounded amazing in her creator's head, and is pronounced "bee-ah-cyoose," and her last name refers to a dangerous meeting of two rivers, which will make more sense when her sister Gratia is introduced.

(This ENTIRE THING is going to be edited and added onto at some point... So yeah.)