Description Lloyd is known as a "life leech." What is this you may ask? Scroll down.

Now, Lloyd appears as a normal Pekoponian with a severely bad fashion sense. He has blond hair and blue eyes, he also stacks up many coats to hide his flesh. Many of which cause him to overheat and occasionally get a heatstroke. He also covers his mouth with a purple scarf (Also known as the Gay Scarf of Ass-Kicking) and stupid gray gloves.

Personality Lloyd is somewhat calm but likes to butt in to conversations sometimes. He also is very sensitive about his skin touching others (NOT IN A PERVY WAY YOU GUIZ~) so if someone takes a piece of clothing (DITTO) he will go into a fit rage. And also, his planet's culture makes him unaware of danger, and often says strange things.

What is a Life Leech? What is a Life Leech? A Life Leech a type of alien that sucks the life out of living things, simply by touching them with his skin (STOP IT YOU PERVS).