About this person:

Also known as Lini (shortened version of Linichan or Linisan) and prefers to be referred as such, when she's not being called by her character's name, usually shortened as Pirah, Veni or Gyoro.

Having heard of the KG RP DA group through fellow members of the Keroro Platoon HQ forum, she decided to try and become part of this group. Unfortunately applications were closed at that time, but once they opened, she quickly sent in an application for her first character Pirarah, and was accepted as a member. After some months of getting a feel for true RPing, she added another original character, Venini, to the list.

As for the canon department, she aquired and held on to Garuru for a time before letting him go due to not feeling able to play him properly, thus ending up neglecting him. However, she very soon after that applied for Gyororo, and got accepted, believing that his not-so-strict personality would be easier to play and keep active.

Being somewhat introverted and a bit hesitant at first, it took a while before she eased up and became a frequent RPer. Over time, she has turned into a more confident player with a specific love for action based RPs. She is also quite skilled at tugging at people's heartstrings with sad or cute (Oftentimes a mix of the two) posts, and is now a common sight in the chatroom.