An Ex-Intelligence Officer that was honorably discharged after he "lost his Smarts."

Appearance: Yellow-skinned with a black-colored stomach. His hat is of a similar coloration, Black base with yellow markings. His hat also makes him appear to have almost cat-like ears. He sports a straight jacket that keeps his arms tucked away. He also wears headphones that have robotic arms springing out of them. He uses these robotic arms rather than his normal arms, which he hides in his straight jacket. Along with that, he wears a visor that gives him the appearance of having eyes. This visor acts almost as a computer screen, an he can flash any picture he wants on them. He uses this visor to express much of his emotions. He's also about half a head taller than an ordinary Keronian, not counting his cat-like ears on his hat.

Personality: Kyashasha can at first glance be called "insane". He is actually not. Rather, his eccentric personality is due to an accident that caused him to have to replace part of his brain. That part is now artificial, or "robotic". Due to having his brain messed with so much, he has developed quite a few quirks. He is slightly OCD, and will obsessively arrange objects as he sees fit. He also has a intense dislike of the word "Yellow". Instead, he calls yellow things "Blond" or "Goldish".

Creator: Kyashasha is one of the original characters created by Akatsuki-Mars, AKA: Rikuru