Jirara is jirara

simple as that   

..Actually, uh, Jirara's player has decided that he is actually not as simple as that, and proceeds to write some, if at all.

General Information of Character Edit


Tropes Edit

Made of Iron -- Sort of not really.

Sadist Teacher -- Jirara trained his students by making them kill each other. (SeeTraining From Hell)

Old Master 

Red Eyes Take Warning -- Three of 'em, even. 

Wolverine Claws -- Sort of not really again.

Badass Decay  -- This is the player's fault, mostly; that, and Jirara is getting old.

Sitting on the Roof -- He's on the ceiling too.

Badass Grandpa -- NO I'M SERIOUS

Flash Step -- Don't know if this is what it was called.

Instant Awesome Just Add Ninja

Not Quite Dead


He's Captain Crash and he drives like this, all the time. You'll never catch him red-handed, though.