One of the Roleplayers in the KG-RP. Known as Norechi, Megs, or Banana within the Roleplay group.

IrkenSnax has been rping privately for many years, since around 2002. But, within the KGRP-DA, she is relatively new, only having joined in late August of 2009. Luckily, many of the members are also part of the KPHQ, a Keroro Gunsou Forum, and recognized her from there. Her first character in the group was Pirate Hunter Norere, a very established character created by both her and her former best friend, NightmareKitty. She has since started making her own characters. After adjusting to the new feel of large group rping, IrkenSnax has become an established member of the chat. She is known for posting lots of art and being shamelessly perverted. 

Current Rp Characters
Cabin Boy Sheruru, Seamstress Hariri, Sea Slug Helala and Assassin Shurara

Characters Created
Norere, Uchichi, Sheruru, Hariri and Helala along with Non-Account Characters like Boshishi, Yamimi, and, recently, many related to Hariri that show up in the OOC Chat.