Gyoshishi new ID
Gyoshishi is an orginal character created by xXVulpixPhanpyXx.


Gyoshishi is an orange keronian with a burnt orange hat pointed down like Garuru's/ torn ear flaps, a brown pointed assassin mask, semi-circle eyes with black around them, a robotic right arm, retactable claws on his left arm, and a metal anklet on his left leg.


Gyoshishi is an assassin. He trained on Keron for many years under many masters ad is quite skilled. His style is defeating his opponent quickly as to not hurt them too much, he is a more peaceful assassin than other. Although, this does not mean he is not fierce while battling.


His the strong but silent type, very resilient, and can sometimes be very blunt. He doesn't seem the type to be peaceful and more kind than other assassins, but he is. He's constantly reminding himself and struggles against the fact that 'Assassins do not love'.

He also really loves green tea. Plus Ginseng


Anuna- Gyoshishi and Anuna are very close friends. They met while Gyoshishi was in a jungle somewhere on Keron, and got stuck in another assassin's 'spider web' that was left behind. Anuna found him while studying there and helped him. He led Gyoshishi back to hhis house in the jungle, and they became friends over time. Anuna taught him many things, especially about Pekopon.

Fetata- His keronian-bird hybrid friend. Gyoshi likes to mess with him and it seems to amuse him.

Events (Plots)Edit

Gyoshishi has been in a few events in the KGRPDA Group.

"Battle Ready Armor! Result Unexpected! De Arimasu!"

This is the currently ongoing plot where Keroro and Kururu (or Keroko and Kuruko) created a ray gun to changed keronians into pekoponian females and eventually be able to mind control them.

Gyoshishi had crawled into Keroko's room, watching her build gunpla from the ceiling, and eventually after he was discovered, ZAP!, he-- or now SHE, was transformed into a pekoponian, a female one at that. She is going around asking anyone who was affected if they would like to join her and band together to get revenge on the 'yellow and green ones.'

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