A Keronian version of the Team Fortress2 Engineer, with a few minor tweaks.

Appearance: Darkish-blue skinned. His hardhat is of a golden yellow colour, and the insignia is of the same, but the wrench is blue. He has a robotic left eye, which shines a bright, neon green. He has a brown belt with an iron buckle, and carries a rusty wrench around. His glasses are as black as possible, but just light enough for him to be able to see out of. Little know to anyone but Enjiji himself, underneath his Hardhat is a solid sheet of metal. He placed this on himself to prevent the enemy from being able to make a direct head-shot, in case if his hardhat fails to stop a bullet. But it is removable, and he has it off most of the time to prevent his head from becoming a weight for the enemy to lift like a toy.

Personality: His personality can be much of a hard-boiled soldier. He's much serious into a battle than anyone else who has a true battle spirit. Though when not in battle, he's a pretty laid back guy, traveling around on a small mobile sentry, a seat planted in the middle, with a large extension to the rocket pods, so they don't blow off his head when they fire and he's on there, in case a battle happens to occur. If someone tries to destroy his Sentries, so god help him, your ass better RUN.

Random Facts:

- His left eye is robotic, so you can see the green dot staring through it constantly.

- His robotic eye can scan any robotic material: Robots, tanks, weapons, anything, and perfectly replicate it and program it in the exact same way.

- He's getting married to a Keronian ROBOT that he met. (She is not a member of the RP group, at least, I don't think, yet.) You can't tell shes a robot until she opens out to attack.

- Just as good as he is at building sentries, he's extremely well with getting into computers.

Enjiji is owned by MajorasMask12.