Diroro is a metal handed keronian with one eye from the orere platoon. his hobby is usually playing his guitar. He was an assassin.

Friends, Frienemies, enemiesEdit

Acting Corporal Dijiji: A crossdresser. Diroro still thinks she's a friend although he's not sure about what Dijiji thinks after stealing her diary several times.
Koyuki Azumaya: The first pekoponian Diroro met in the woods.
Corporal Chikuku: A half vampire Keronian, Always calls diroro "uncle"
Captain Jirara : Somewhat of a friend not sure though.
Maveve: Frequently meets all the time


Giruru: Somewhat of an enemy but almost never a friend


he is serious, friendly, mysterious and funny. Secretly he is cold-blooded but never shows he's REAL feelings to anyone not even his enemies. He loves invading people's privacy when bored.

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