Appearence: Light olive green with an orange face and belly. He has orange fins on his head and back. Each eye has a dark green spot going over it and each cheek has a dark green stripe going down from the eye. Chilili's feet are also orange. Chilili has two stripes on his back, each on one side of the fin on his back. Chilili also has an orange fish tail. Chilili is short for his age.

Personality: Chilili's a violent eleven year old kid who hates being made fun of. He can be very rude and impateint at some points. Though he is strong for someone short , he's actually a coward. He only tries to beat people up when they make fun of him. Chilili is scared of some people, say, his superiors (Kibaba, Tanjuju, Kaii, Kanini). Some events from his past cause him to have these fears.

Likes: Swimming, Violence, sailing, firing canons(though he rarely gets to do this), eating.

Dislikes: Being made fun of (especialy for his height).

Weaknesses: He is scared of certain people, he's clumsy, he gets angered very easily.

Age: 11

Past: Chilili, like all the other Devil Fish tribe pirates, was created in a lab. However, insted of escaping at an early age like the rest of them, Chilili was kept at the lab and was abused by the scientist for a long time.Another creature was created while Chilili was there. Because of Chilili's size, the scientists thought Chilili was useless, so they were going to use Chilili as food for this creature. However, this creature, who was supposed to be a beast, refused to eat Chilili and betrayed the scientists. The beast helped Chilili escape the lab, but sacrificed himself in the process. After escaping, Chilili sadly walked the beach until the Captin of the Devil Fish Tribe, Kibaba, found him and took him in. However, being that Chilili is one of the youngest of the crew (Sheruru is the only one younger than him, I think), the rest of the crew talk meanly to him. They even call him "runt". This, to Chilili, is better than being in a lab.