Akuma ( あくま or 666 ) is Recruit of the Vododo Platoon. He is 16 years old male Keronian who has crush on Vododo.


Akuma is newest and youngest member of Vododo Platoon. His speciality is hacking and his good computer using skills. In battlefield he is as useful as tin can.

ID Akuma

Akuma-kun on his laptop


Akuma is Blueish Keronian (Peacock Blue) and he has two yellow stripes on his hands and both legs. His headgear is normal greyish green scarf which has his symbol on it.


Akuma has very complicated personality. He is very rude little creature only to those who he doesen't know or doesen't even want to know. Also he spends too much time on his laptop which kills Akuma's social skills.

Akuma is owned by EternalNova AKA Saritsu

Nova will write more about Akuma and add few pics when she is on the mood