One of the Roleplayers in the KG-RP. Known simply as Rikuru within the Roleplay group.


Rikuru started out as a lowly newb, with her first character " Insane Inventor Rikiki ". Being inexperienced in Roleplay, her first few Rp attempts where O.K.-ish. EVENTUALLY, Rikuru discovered THE CHAT ROOM. Her Rping took off with flying colors after that.


Rikuru is a chat room regular. She tends to be active every day, whenever access to a computer is allowed. Well known for her love of music (Mainly Touhou music). Don't be surprised when she talks about this sort of thing, it's nothing to worry about. Over all, this child is a general Nerd, and tends to act like one.

Current Rp Characters:

Insane Inventor Rikiki, Sergeant Major Kururu, Snowman Yukiki, Jornalist Okuku, Boatswain Kaii, Monster Kabubu

Characters Created:

Rikiki, Humuhumunukunukupupu, Kyashasha, Kijojo, Okuku, Kaii, Kabubu

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